bigstock-Orb-of-light-32769701“Having bought a DSLR camera for xmas I decided to buy the pure essentials course, it was so easy to follow taking you right the way through your camera controls and different aspects
of photography, I now have a full understanding of how to take my photography to the next level

Thank you”
Michael Rose

“The course is fantastic, so easy to learn, as a beginner I have tried to read the camera manual and books but just get confused, no confusion here, well thought out lessons which cover everything you need to know, I now take my pictures with manual control of the camera and have a much better understanding of what to look for in a scene and get the correct exposure, Highly recommended.”
Amanda Lillycrop

“I really enjoyed going through this course, all the lessons are addictive because you learn so much from them. I am a keen enthusiast and had a little prior knowledge but the course has really given me a new outlook and more confidence in creative photography, If you want to use your camera properly and understand how to blur away the background, freeze motion or take stunning night shots etc you wont go wrong with this course.”
Leanne Keegan

slide3DEagleicon24“Having had a DSLR camera for 6 months I was still no further forward other than just setting it to automatic or pre set modes and taking the picture, not now after the course, what an eye opener, everything is covered from which lens to use where, understanding depth of field, shutter speed, manual control, I could go on and on. Having an understanding now of the cameras shooting modes and potential changes how you look through the lens and your pictures definitely will be much improved. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course.”
Alan Neil

“I have just finished the course and had to send an email thanking you. I found it very enjoyable to go through, easy to use and understand in plain English, 40 lessons covering all the popular topics that I needed and wanted to know about photography, a truly remarkable course, a must for anyone with a digital camera that wants to know how to use it

I wish I could have bought this with my camera from the start.”
Roger Chambers

“Thanks to this course I am now a lot more confident in what im saying and doing, I have just joined a camera club recently and can talk and understand now what was before seemed another language. The lessons are in straight forward talk and to the point of what you need to know. The course is a no brainer if you are wanting to explore your camera, take great pictures and understand what you are doing, money well spent.”
Ron Paxton

Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus)“Hello everyone, being from an older generation I was a bit reluctant to buy an on line course at first as my computer skills are basic at best, nothing to worry about, the course is very easy to use and very informative, even the quizzes and tests at the end of the lessons were in my capabilities. I have been into photography for a while and taken many pictures but the understanding and simplified way the lessons are structured are great and full of knowledge. If you are looking to learn photography and get the best from your digital camera and lenses then buy this course, whish I had sooner, highly recommended.”

William Yorke