Q How do I access the course?

A, Once you purchase the course you will receive your own login in details by email, simply log in on the home page and start the course.


Q Who is the course suitable for?

A, The course is suitable for photography enthusiasts of any age, the lessons are all simply laid out, detailed and very informative, you can’t fail to learn.


Q Do I need any prior photography experience?

A, No, the course is easy to follow and requires no prior photography knowledge.


Q Do I need computer skills?

A, No, the course is very easy to use, just use your mouse to click onto and through the photography lessons and quizzes.


Q What do I need for the course?

A, To complete the course you will need a computer to follow the lessons and a digital camera.


Q How long is the course duration?

A The course can be completed in 2-3 weeks and is completely self paced


Q What about the quizzes?

A, The quizzes are fun to use and are all multiple choice which will reinforce your learning, just click with your mouse to select an answer.


Q How long do i have access to the course for?

A, You can log into the course any time you like, there is no limit of time, you have access 24 /7, view the lessons as many times as you wish.


Q Can i contact anyone for support

A You can email any questions about your course to photographyskills4u@yahoo.co.uk, you can also upload your pictures to your course tutors here where they can give you constructive feedback. 


Q What about the certificate?

A, You will receive your Pure Essentials On Line Photography certificate once you have completed the course, it will state your name and completion date along with the units you have completed on the course, a great addition to your portfolio


 Here is a sample of the photography certificate you will receive after completing the course.


Pure Essentials Certification