The Pure Essentials photography Course is a powerful on line learning tool and is designed for easy understanding, all the lessons are made as easy as possible to understand backed up by beautiful pictures that you will be taking yourself in no time at all.


Learn all about balancing apertures, shutter speeds and ISO’s to take the picture you want in manual mode, blur the background away in your portraits with depth of field, Freeze the action, take light trails or create silky flowing water by controlling your shutter speeds, all of which are covered in this fantastic course.

The course is set out in numbered lesson format all of which are very easy to understand taking you right the way through everything you have ever wanted to know on taking pictures with a DSLR camera. If you are relatively new to a DSLR camera or still using auto mode to take pictures, then get the most from it by learning to use it properly by taking the Pure Essentials Photography course.

Any questions whilst you are going through your pure essentials Photography course can be answered by contacting your personal photography tutor at, you can also upload and send any pictures you have taken for the tutor to evaluate and give you constructive feedback.

This is a fast track photography course designed to get you taking fantastic pictures in no time at all, course duration is approx 2 – 3 weeks to complete.

There are different picture projects for you to complete with your camera as you go through the lessons which will re enforce your learning.

Once you have completed the course you will receive a signed certificate in photography stating your completion of the course along with the units you have covered.

Contents of Course

Your Camera

Different DSLRs

Different Lenses

Which lenses to use where

What lenses should you have in your kit

The Manual Modes, Shutter Priority, Aperture Prioity, Manual

Shutters, Aperture and ISO


F stops

Shutter Speeds

Camera Shutter

Depth of Field

Aperture Shutter Speeds

ISO Values

ISO Settings

Image Sharpness

Digital Sensors and camera view finder

Different manual shooting modes


Different Light Meters

Metering Modes

Which Metering Modes to use

ISO and Exposure Compensation Control

Correct Focusing New Year's Eve Fireworks

Which Focusing Modes To Use

Ballancing ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture for correct exposure

Taking Better Photos

Freezing Fast Moving Objects

Night time Exposures

Slow Shutter Speeds

Freezing and Blurring water

All aspects of general photography

Please find an outline below the headings of the 41 detailed lessons and sub catagories covered on the Pure Essentials On Line Photography Course:


1 What is a DSLR camera

2 Why is a DSLR Better than a Point and shoot compact Camera

3 Full frame v Crop sensor cameras

4 Finding out what the buttons do on your camera

5 Tripods and Mono pods

6 On board flashes and external flashes

7 Memory cards

8 Filters



Neutral Density

Graduated Neutral Density


9 Different Lenses

Extreme wide angle

Wide angle

Mid zoom

Medium zoom

Long zoom


10 Aperture, the numbers on the lens

11 Aperture and depth of field

12 Bokeh

13 ISO

14 Noise

15 Histograms

16 Exposure compensation Shooting modes and explanations


Auto +



Aperture priority

Shutter priority


17 White Balance

18 Focusing modes





19 Metering modes

Multi segment



20 Composition

Filling the frame

Leading lines





Rule of thirds

Horizon line

Focus point

21 Image quality settings, DO I shoot RAW or JPEG

22 Raw Files

23 JPEG Files

24 Photography in general

25 Settings on taking great landscape pictures

26 Settings on taking great shots in the sunshine

27 Settings for great portrait and people shots

28 Settings on taking portraits of children

29 Settings on studio photography

30 Settings on night landscapes

31 Settings on taking stunning light trails

32 Settings on taking dreamy waterfalls

33 Settings on how to freeze an image

34 Settings on fast action sports shots

35 Settings on panning a subject

36 Settings on black and white photography

37 Settings on street photography

38 Settings on how to take great macro photography

39 Settings on how to take stunning wildlife shots

40 Settings on taking indoor shots with and without flash

41 Settings on fantastic fireworks and painting with light