• Are you looking to explore the wonderful world of photography?
  • Are you stuck on the automatic settings of your camera?
  • Do you want the knowledge of how to use your camera like a pro?
  • Have you bought a good camera and don’t know how to use it?


If your answer to the above questions is yes, then the Pure Essentials on line interactive photography course is a must.

No computer skills are necessary for this course, Once you have your personal login details, grab hold of your camera and click your way through the lessons with your mouse.


The course covers over 40 exciting fast track detailed lessons written by photography professionals, each lesson is very easy to understand taking you right the way through nearly every aspect of what you need to know on how to take great pictures with your DSLR camera, take full control of the camera using the manual, shutter priority and aperture priority modes.

Along the way through the lessons there will be fun interactive multiple choice quizzes to re enforce what you have learnt in your lesson also different picture projects for you to complete. The course is also full of pictures to back up the text so you cannot fail to learn.

Once you have completed the on line course, you will receive a certificate in photography stating your name, date of completion and details of the units passed on the Pure Essentials Photography Course.


Easily learn all about your cameras menus and settings, composition, exposure, metering, focusing, ISO and white balance and much more to impress your family and friends by taking fantastic portraits or you may be even looking to make a start into a career as a photographer selling your pictures.

Why Choose Us?


The Pure Essentials photography course cuts away all the jargon and gives you what you need to know fast and quick getting you to the point of the lesson from the first line, this is also handy if you need a quick reference to a particular subject of interest.


All the main aspects of photography are covered in clearly identified sections which include learning the technical side right up to sections dedicated to individual aspects of photography like Sports, Nature, Wildlife, Macro, Portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes, Motion etc, these lessons will go through in- depth detail what camera settings to use and what you should be looking for in the scene to take great memorable shots to keep.

Unlimited Access

Study at your own pace, there are no time restrictions, once you have purchased the on line course it is yours to keep 24/7 and access as many times as you like and use for as long as you want. You can up load your pictures or projects to our tutors who can give you constructive feedback or ask the tutors any questions you may have.


The course is completely self-paced so you can learn at your own leisure. Go over the lesson and explore it again, go back to a previous lesson or move onto the next, whichever way you decide to learn the Pure Essentials photography course will deliver a great understanding of what you’ve always wanted to know about photography.

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Test your understanding of what you have learned in the fun optional interactive quizzes along the way, nothing to worry about, all are multiple choice and just a mouse click to answer, this is a fun way of reinforcing and enhancing some of the important bits of the lesson, the computer will record your answers and give you your running scores.